sphinx searches gmail mysql php

How to Use Sphinx to Search Gmail using MySQL and PHP

Sphinx is a powerful search engine that can be integrated with Gmail, MySQL, and PHP. With Sphinx, you can easily search through your Gmail messages stored in MySQL database using PHP. This article explores the steps to set up Sphinx for searching Gmail using MySQL and PHP.

apache php fpm debian ubuntu

How to Install Apache PHP-FPM on Debian and Ubuntu

Apache PHP-FPM is a popular combination for hosting websites on Debian and Ubuntu. This setup allows for better performance and resource utilization, thanks to the FastCGI Process Manager. With Apache as the web server and PHP-FPM as the backend interpreter, website owners can achieve improved scalability and responsiveness.

nginx php mysql ubuntu

Setting up Nginx, PHP, and MySQL on Ubuntu

Nginx, PHP, MySQL, and Ubuntu are the powerhouse combination for building robust and scalable websites. Nginx serves as a lightweight and high-performance web server, while PHP and MySQL provide the dynamic functionality and database management. This article explores the installation and configuration of these technologies on an Ubuntu server, enabling you to create a solid foundation for your WordPress site.

tagphp5 fpm

An Introduction to tagphp5 FPM

The tagphp5 FPM is a powerful feature in WordPress that enables fast and efficient processing of PHP code. It enhances the performance of your website by handling PHP requests separately, improving response times. With tagphp5 FPM, you can optimize your WordPress site and ensure smooth running, making it a valuable tool for developers and website owners alike.

using hiphop virtual machine hhvm on ubuntu

Using HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine) on Ubuntu

HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine) is a powerful tool for running PHP applications. This article explores how to install and use HHVM on Ubuntu. Learn how to optimize your WordPress site’s performance by leveraging HHVM’s just-in-time compilation and other features. Enhance your site’s speed and efficiency with this step-by-step guide.